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Angel's Alpha Story

Before Alpha, I think I was just an OK Catholic Church goer.  I went to mass every Sunday, I prayed when I remembered but not regularly.  Sometimes I had these doubts that just entered my mind about my catholic faith.  With all the things you see, read, and watch in social media you just question some things.  Sometimes I even doubted my faith in God. 

I have not been active at St. Ann's extra-curricular activities. All I participated in was going to mass every Sunday.  I have not volunteered or attended any activity at St. Ann.   Alpha was my first activity that I joined. I was asked why I joined alpha and my answer was "I don't know".  I just heard an announcement after mass about alpha and I just signed up.  Nobody told me to sign up and nobody asked me to sign up, it was just me.  I guess it was time.  You know that thing they always say "in God's time" this is it!  It's just time to go home.  I've always thought I am the elder son in the parable of the prodigal son who has always been with God but not really; jealous and envious of other Catholics who I think have a better relationship with God. I am also actually the younger son, the prodigal son who just needs to come home.  I guess I'm both.  

It was the second session of alpha when Nicky was talking about the bible. I don't read the bible other than the readings from the Sunday mass. I downloaded the App Bible in one year as recommended by Nicky and I read it a couple of times but got behind for several days. 

The weekend of the retreat I think was the turning point of my alpha course.  There was the battle of the devil and the Holy Spirit.  To sign up or not, to go or not to go, to stay or not to stay, to just go home and just forget all about the retreat.  I am so glad I attended, I have experienced the Holy Spirit like never before. I couldn't even explain it.  No words can even describe it. "It was awesome" is even an understatement.  My heart was just filled with emotions.  I went home after the retreat wanting more.  I felt homesick when I got home.  I have been reading the bible everyday through the APP bible in one year.  It's really, really good.  I would recommend it to everyone.  I have been praying more, I have even said a Hail Mary while washing my hands.  I have learned to appreciate the Holy Mass even more.  It's strange because Nicky never talked about the mass in any of the sessions but alpha made me appreciate the mass even more. For me the holy mass is the complete package, I get to listen to the word of God, experience the consecration, it is the best form of prayer and communication to God.  I love going to mass. Somebody must be praying for me for I would not have survived alpha without being prayed for.  Our group facilitator must be praying so hard for me.  

I have a friend now named Jesus.  I know I have grown to know Him more.  He is a friend I can talk to anytime; a friend I can share anything with. You know when you answer a security question for a password reset and one of the choices is "who is your best friend in school", I usually skip or change that question because I really can't think of a best friend.   I have friends but not a best friend.  And now I know why.  Next time I'll be asked for security question "who is your best friend", now I have an answer... JESUS!